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La Costa Brava, en el Top 10 Destinos de National Geographic para 2012

La Costa Brava, elegida como uno de los Mejores Destinos por National Geographic

La revista Traveler Magazine de National Geographic publicó recientemente su lista de "Mejores Destinos del Mundo" para 2012, y la Costa Brava es uno de ellos:

"La Costa Creativa de España" (en inglés)

"The boats painted in yellow, crimson, and white that bob in the water could belong to any scraggy Mediterranean coast. The polar bear that guards them, however, means only one thing: Salvador Dalí’s home in Costa Brava. Dalí, one of art’s greatest eccentrics, came from this part of Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. His giant eggs, swan fountains, and melting clocks drew inspiration from this sunshine-laced wilderness.

The medieval city of Girona also overflows with creativity during its annual spring flower festival, the Temps de Flors. Surprising floral creations spill down cathedral steps and bloom-inspired art installations fill city squares and stone-walled courtyards. The fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell charms with seaside restaurants and homes."

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