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History of our Hotel, a cuban house in Begur

Feria de IndianosBetween 1830 and 1850, many people from Begur left to Cuba to seek their fortune. Some of those who succeeded came back to their hometown and built large, colonial-style houses, where they lived out the rest of their days, basking in the glory of their huge fortunes reflected in the grandeur of their mansions. The returned fortune-seekers were nicknamed “indianos”.

Hotel Aiguaclara is a colonial style mansion dating from 1866 built by Bonaventura Caner Bataller, an “indiano” who emigrated to Cuba with his brother Pedro in 1833. His initials, B.C.B., can be seen on the stone lintel over the hotel entrance door and on the wrought iron restaurant gate.

Bonaventura married twice but did not leave any direct descendants. His niece Lluïsa Geli, the daughter of his wife’s sister, was the last person to live in the house.

Since 2004, Begur holds a festival every year on the first weekend in September to honour all the “indianos” who contributed to the wealth of the town. Because of the “indianos”, walking through Begur today is like strolling through the streets of Havana.